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Lancashire Canine Fertility Clinic are here to assist dog breeders in the Preston, Blackpool and beyond. John has all of the latest specialist technical equipment, experience and knowledge to ensure you're in good hands. Fully qualified and trained canine fertility clinic. He has been involved in the farming industry and breeding all types of animals for 35 years and has been specialising in canines for the past 10. He is available 7 days a week. Also, in the event of emergency, he would be available to assist with out of hours puppy scanning and whelping assistance. He has found that a lot of customers would like a post birth scan to ensure no puppies are left behind. All services carried out are absolutely confidential.

The LK9 main office and laboratory is based in Freckleton in Lancashire but all of our dogs are kept at John's home and have use of a large secured gardens.

Artificial Insemination

We artificially inseminate dogs in North West Lancashire

We use special tying catheters to artificially inseminate bitches, we also add semen extender to increase the life of the sperm inside ...

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Puppy Scanning

We scan pregnant dogs in North West Lancashire

Lancashire K9 Services offer out of hours pregnancy scanning service for breeders with bitches who need to be checked for puppy ...

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Semen Analysis

Quality semen analysis in North West Lancashire

Semen is taken from the dog, we check it for quality and volume using the latest state of the art equipment. We will issue you ...

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Mating Assistance

We help dogs mate in North West Lancashire

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Stud Dogs Avaiable

We have stud dogs for hire in North West Lancashire

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We have stud dogs for hire in North West Lancashire

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